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The art of conscious communication


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Step into your truth, expand your influence and connect meaningfully with the world around you by learning the art of conscious communication


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A seasonal curation of conversations with wild-hearted souls that encourages vulnerability, conscious communication and aligned action



Creative Services

Are you in need of a photographer, videographer, writer or speaker for a creative project you’re working on personally or in business?


Photography + videography

As an experienced content producer, I can help you capture a moment that meaningfully expresses your story + connects with your audience. It’s not unusual for me to go to absurd lengths to help you imagine up a powerful media reality.


Writing + digital strategy consulting

I am a word nerd and gain great satisfaction from consciously using them. If you appreciate language but know you could benefit from having an editor or professional writer for a particular project, then I’d love to support . Whether it’s website copy, a speech, script, article or email - I’m available to enrich your ideas through language and communicate your needs in any written capacity.


Human design reading

Did you know that each person is born with a unique, decision-making strategy? This is important to master because our life experience is the sum total of decisions we make. If you would like to empower yourself and navigate your life the the way you’re intended to, let me introduce you to your unique decision-making blueprint and watch as your life begins to align before your eyes.