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An increased awareness of the ways we consciously and unconsciously communicate serves to nurture and grow our innate influence and authentic connection to ourselves and others. It supports us in our collective endeavour to truly be seen, heard and respected.

“deep human connection is the purpose and result of a meaningful life - and it will inspire the most amazing acts of love, generosity and humanity”

- Melinda Gates, philanthropist

I offer one-on-one coaching and an online crash course designed to teach all the ways in which we communicate and how we can grow in our awareness of this. You can also sign up to my monthly mail-out for actionable tips and resources to get you well on your way to becoming a conscious communicator.

Who is conscious communication for?

  • Honestly? EVERYONE! But perhaps one of the below resonates with you:

  • Entrepreneurs/business owners who ARE the brand and engage in speaking events whether online (IG stories, anyone?) or in real life and want to increase their influence.

  • Entrepreneurs/business owners/brands who struggle to produce meaningful copy (whether on their website or social media accounts) that attracts the right audience.

  • People looking to improve communication in their professional, personal or romantic relationships in order to build connection and trust.

  • Anyone looking to increase their influence in their field of expertise.

  • Anyone that feels unseen, unheard and would like to build confidence in communicating their truth and needs

  • Anyone fascinated by the human condition that would benefit from understanding the ways in which we can expand or shrink our influence based on the ways we communicate.


1:1 Conscious Communication Coaching

To be influential, one must communicate intentionally

I meet with you in person (if we share the same location) or via Skype once a week for 6 weeks to work on the theory and practice of conscious communication which is guaranteed to transform how you relate to others, how they relate to you, all while growing your innate influence. Sessions are recorded so that you may refer back to them anytime you need. In the first session, we typically uncover the challenges you might be experiencing as well as pinpointing the goals you’re looking to achieve through this work.


1:1 Alignment Advice

debunk decision-making, align your action and DO YOU

A great follow up to any conscious communication practice is my one-on-one alignment coaching. This is a no BS 9 week program designed to connect you to your authentic power by exploring a variety of modalities to help you make sense of how you operate.

Your life is the sum total of decisions you make, so ensuring they are made consciously and in alignment with your being is ultimately what results in meaningful success. I achieve this through a 2-step method designed to create sustained, positive change.


Conscious Communication - A crash course

A 6 week online course designed to build your confidence in communicating with your audience to ensure your message resonates.