How to communicate like an idiot

Where words derive their meaning is deeply fascinating to me and I’ve come to notice that communication can serve as a vehicle to expand our consciousness if we allow.

Take the word IDIOT for instance, we all know what it is to be an idiot but where did this word come from?

Derived from the Greek IDIOS, which means “ones own, personal or private” - the Greek word IDIOTES is quite literally someone who keeps to themselves and doesn’t engage in public affairs.

The word was used patronizingly to describe an "ignorant person" from as early as the 12th century.

But let’s loop back to the original sentiment - how to communicate like an idiot; the truth is many of us do. Many of us are guilty of not thinking before we speak and furiously projecting our OWN, PERSONAL experience onto the world around us.

Your speech shapes your life, so I implore you to do unlike the IDIOT and communicate consciously: actively listen, observe the world around you, open yourself up to opposing perspectives as a means to gain knowledge and connect meaningfully.

What’s more, in doing so you’ll ooze influence and magnetism. Who doesn’t want that?

Nikki Majewski