Are you a conscious communicator?

Communication is how we express the essence of our “human being-ness" and it manifests in a multitude of ways; through the spoken and written word; body language; tone; facial nuances; art, movement and silence.

Our ability to meaningfully and effectively connect with friends, family or an audience depends on our communication capacity and the intent behind its delivery.

I’ve always been drawn to how we express and connect as people - for me, it’s typically taken the form of the spoken and written word (plus hand gestures aplenty!) For as long as I can remember, I’ve intrinsically felt the energetics of communication and have reverence for its power.

I value a conscious approach to communication and believe we can expand our influence and connect meaningfully with others when it’s delivered with awareness and intention.

In our lives, be it in the flesh or online, it would seem we are bombarded by all forms of communication, much of which is noxious, space-stealing, fear-mongering manipulation tactics. You need only look as far as the advertising industry, the 24-hour news cycle, the current political landscape or our asinine obsession with social media.

I’ve created an offering that aims to challenge the neuroticism of modern-day communication and invite a conscious approach to how we express so that we may all step into our innate influence and experience an authentic connection with others and the world around us.

Nikki MajewskiComment