Why work 1:1 with me?

Because I will provoke you to step into your authentic power and I’m willing to guide you every step of the way. Are you ready for this?


Do you feel stuck in one or more areas of your life? Is there a little voice inside vying for your attention, trying to tell you that you’re not exactly where you’re supposed to be? The culture and society we live in is as magical as it is menacing. Being true to ourselves in a world where we are constantly bombarded by messages around what it means to experience “success” or to be “beautiful” or “worthy” is pretty, damn, tricky. We are all born with a cornucopia of gifts and talents unique to us, but for many, the conditioning of our experience can be fierce, diverting us way off track and away from our most authentic selves. I believe living honestly results in living joyously - and who doesn’t want that?

Because our life is a reflection of the decisions we’ve made, it’s crucial to make decisions from a place of alignment. In my personal journey, I rid myself of the “disease to please” to become unapologetic about my very being. None of us are bad or wrong (as I spent much of my time believing about myself) turns out we are just in or out of alignment.

That discovery (thirty years in the making...) was the catalyst that drove me to risk big and establish a specialized practice dedicated to helping fellow creatives, business owners, young adults and teens overcome the areas of resistance that prevents most of us from living in alignment and achieving life-changing professional and personal goals.

My decisions thus far have resulted in a colourful and rich experiences filled with global travel and adventure and an interesting career in media which afforded me the opportunity to meet thousands of people from all walks of life. Currently, I run my own business, write poetry for enjoyment and have the great fortune of creating delicious, organic, home-prepared meals for myself each day. I have made decisions that allow me to live life on my terms, something I’ve come to realize is a common goal for many, especially creative folk. Making decisions that are best for me and taking aligned action is a very grounding experience, it offers me an overall feeling of peace, purpose and gratitude.

I consider my work with each client to be a unique journey of discovery and growth.  Each relationship and outcome is different, but inevitably we navigate a way to address the needs and desires of your true being in personal and professional situations. Typically sessions are done via Skype, but if we share the same location, face-to-face meetings are also available.

Over 9 weeks, we navigate the blockages and anxieties that affect you personally and professionally thus preventing you from reaching your potential, sharing your value and empowering others. It is in doing this that I help connect individuals to the meaning of their work.

I offer practical, accessible and effective techniques to blast though the stressors and other challenges that that prevent most of us from attaining our goals and ultimately our potential.  I guide my clients to overcome this cycle of resistance™ with my two-step approach True Intention ™  and Aligned Action™

True Intention ™

“Be true in your intent, embrace the odyssey, live with distinction”

In order to unlock our full potential, we must first clearly define and express the unbridled intention to do so. 

True Intention is a clearly defined and documented personal and professional objective formed from the heart-space that inspires the desired course of one’s life.

A life lived without both the intention and the ability to set and achieve meaningful goals will render you a pawn in someone else’s game; a victim of life rather than the victor of your life.  It boils down to this: you cannot recognize, let alone achieve your dreams if you are powerless.  

When we get honest about what we most want from our lives, we instantly step into our power. This intention becomes our driving force and it helps to keep us accountable in doing the work to reach our potential despite how WILD the journey inevitably is. 

When you step into your power, you can share your power.


Aligned Action™

Aligned Action is the authentic expression one’s thoughts, words and actions in a way that fulfils the True Intention. It is a willing commitment in the face of resistance that opens the gateway to happiness, harmony and success in our personal and professional lives.

In order to align your actions to achieve your intention, it’s important to first recognize the inter-connectedness of our beliefs, words and behaviours and the role it plays in helping or hindering the outcome we desire. 

The Aligned Action process includes:

  • Get curiouser - a method of self-inquiry designed to simplify monkey mind, understand personal programming and align beliefs and thoughts to your True Intention

  • “Shut-up snowflake!” - a communication method that aims to develop active listening skills and conscious conversation to allow you to learn from every interaction you have

  • The fortune of resistance - perhaps one of the most powerful forces on earth is resistance. Learn how to spot it and develop the resilience and courage required to face what will inevitably be the most challenging/rewarding aspect of reaching your personal and professional potential. 

  • Labours of love - actionable tools and insights designed to help you spend your time and energy purposefully to fulfil your True Intention.

Aligned action guarantees the fulfilment of your True Intention.

Are you ready to live with Integrity and honour your authentic self?